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Taste the Silence

La Trappe is named after the French abbey of ‘Notre-Dame de la Grande Trappe’ from the Normandy village of Soligny-La-Trappe. Since 1140, Benedictine monks ran a chapel there, which later became the Cistercian ‘La Trappe’ monastery, where the order of Trappist monks originated.

At time of Revolution, those French Trappist monks found refuge in the village of Berkel-Enschot in the Dutch Brabant province, where sheep barn farmhouses were named ‘De Koningshoeven’ (or King’s Farms named after owner King William II) then converted into an abbey. Self-sufficiency and the duty of charity inspired the Trappists to start brewing. Until today, brewing within the walls of this abbey still adheres to the age-old methods of the Trappists.

La Trappe, Holland’s only Trappist brewery, is one of 7 authentic trappist beers. La Trappe’s abbey brewery has a rich history. Since 1884, La Trappe owes its particularity to a honestly-brewed beer, where behind the ‘savour’ taste lies another important ingredient that represents the essence of a monk’s existence: tasting the Silence. This Monastery expression is a major driver behind the La Trappe range of ales.

Whilst keeping its traditions, La Trappe brewery has modernised its activity through a set of socially responsible ethos.

The Koningshoeven brewery was recently voted Entrepreneur with the Best Corporate Social Responsibility credentials in the city of Tilburg, an Award that goes to the organisation that stands out for its efforts to emphasise the link between People, Planet, and Profit. Proud of this accolade, La Trappe intends to continue down this path in the future.

La Trappe is also set to minimise its carbon footprint by compensating CO2 emissions as much as possible. In developing the latest organic La Trappe Puur ale in 2011, this aim materialised in the planting of a forest on 1.3 hectares of farmland near the monastery. From end of 2011, La Trappe has also been sourcing its barley locally, reducing emissions from trucks whilst maintaining its quality.

In 2012, the brewery invested in solar energy to generate electricity for the entire production process at the brewery in the longer term.

Mysteriously, for politico-geographic reasons should you wonder, La Trappe is the only trappist beer brewed outside of Belgium. With multiple styles ranging from a Witte beer, to pale and golden ales, as well as darker ales and Bockbiers, La Trappe presents in 330ml as well as 750ml Long Neck bottles.

Product Description

Behind the ‘savour’ taste lies another important ingredient that represents the essence of a monk’s existence: tasting the Silence.”

La Trappe Trappist Family

  • Witte is the world’s first & only Trappist white ale that continues to ferment slightly after bottling. Brewed using only water, wheat, & hops, no herbs are added to this crisp, fresh 5.5% wheat beer. Silver-awarded at the 2014 Euro Star Beer Awards.

  • Blond is a scintillating golden ale which boasts a rich, fruity, & fresh aroma. At 6.5%, Blond has a light malty, sweet taste. It has a soft bitterness with a friendly after-taste. Australia’s favourite Trappist pale ale.

  • At 7%, Dubbel has a deep, reddish brown colour & attractive beige froth. Its malt gives it a gentle aromatic, caramelised quality. The frothiest of La Trappe ales, won Gold at the 2014 Euro Star.

  • Tripel’s aroma is slightly malty and estery. This 8% ale owes its crisp & spicy character to the use of coriander & other herbs & spices.

  • At 10%, Quadrupel is La Trappe’s heaviest ale with a stunning amber colour. Its warm and intense flavour is rich & finely balanced. Best seller of this delicious ale range in Australia.

  • IsiD’Or is named after Isidorus, Abbey Koningshoeven first brewer. Brewed to mark the Trappist brewery’s 125th anniversary, IsiD’Or is a spicy, herby 7.5% ale.

  • Quadrupel Oak-aged on wooden barrels. Each batch brings its unique & complex, smoky aroma. Taste depends on whether port, whisky, wine, brandy, bourbon or rum used to be kept inside the barrels. Ageless treat for beer lovers.

  • Bockbier is a unique seasonal 7% beer, the world’s only Trappist bock ale. Brewed with natural ingredients, it postferments slightly in the bottle. In 2010, voted best bock beer in Netherland’s largest independent consumer beer survey. 4

Additional Information


Witte 330ml Stubby (5.5%)
Blond 330ml Stubby & 750ml L/Neck (6.5%)
Dubbel 330ml Stubby & 750ml L/Neck (7%)
Tripel 330ml Stubby & 750ml L/Neck (8%)
Quadrupel 330ml Stubby & 750ml L/Neck (10%)
IsiD’Or 330ml Stubby (7.5%)
Oak-aged Quadrupel 375ml Stubby (10%)
Bockbier 750ml L/Neck (7%)


Witte – Garlic pizza; French fries
Dubbel – Turkey club sandwich; Grilled quail
Tripel – Pesto penne; Coconut-curried prawn; Grilled tuna
Quadrupel – Mixed Pot roast; Blueberry pie
Oak-aged Quadrupel – Beef tenderloin; Choc-chip cookies
Bockbier – Green & bitter salad; BBQ Pork ribs


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