Good Ole Beer


Beer is believed to have been brewed as far as 3000 years B.C. The human’s love of beer is more deeply embedded in us than we’d think. Historians believe that beer even slowed down the nomadic nature of hunter-gatherers.

As far in ancestry as Egyptians, Babylonians and Hebrews, going through medieval Monks, beer transcribes civilisations. In Middle ages, a vast quantity of beer was brewed in monasteries, just as our own La Trappe Trappist beers. At the same time, Bavarian William iV put together the German Purity Law, stating that beer could only be brewed with water, hops and barley. In the 1850s, only when the first fridges were invented, did beers start becoming very popular.

Beer is a simple process of extracting sugar from grain, then fermenting that sugar into alcohol. With consistent ingredients being water, grain, hops & yeast, we all have had a try. Grain is mixed with water to malt, creating alcohol and eventually some sweetness. Hops were added back in the old days as preservative, but today adds bitterness, aroma & flavour. And yeast removes sugar from the malt, in effect turning it into alcohol.

Today, lots of different beer styles exist, the most popular being cleaner lagers, crisp pilsners, wheat-driven beers, hoppy pale ales, rich and darker ales as well as bitter ales.

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